Welcome to JustForFunPetResumes.com

We offer a fun website for lovers of pets of all shapes and sizes.

On our site you can create amusing pet resumes for free, listing your pet’s talents and skills. Once a resume is generated, you can print and post on your fridge, or email to a friend.

As well, just for fun, you can apply for the positions on the job board on behalf of your pet. (The jobs are not real! So don’t worry, you’re not committing your pet to a life of hard work.)

The current pet positions are Companion, Guard Animal, and Mouse Catcher.

This light-hearted site is for pet lovers of all ages. But for children, it can help them to become familiar with the process of creating resumes and applying for jobs.

As well, we offer handy and informative articles on pet training and care to help you look after your pet and to solve any problems you might be having.

From all of us at JustForFunPetResumes.com, we hope you have fun on our site, and find some useful information to help with your pets.

Thanks for visiting!

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